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A successful personal injury law firm offering expert counsel and effective representation in Florida and across the nation.

If you have been injured in an accident, are the victim of negligence or malpractice, or have been treated unfairly or illegally, Schwartz Roller LLP is exactly what you need in a personal injury attorney or accident lawyer. We offer personal attention, expert legal advice, assertive representation, and a record of achieving favorable decisions and significant financial settlements in all types of personal injury lawsuits.

Our experienced injury lawyers and accident attorneys are adept at litigating against and negotiating with large corporations, medical practitioners, healthcare institutions, and insurance companies. In addition, they have access to extensive resources and retain the best, most credible experts and consultants to evaluate potential cases and advocate on behalf of clients.

If you need to find a personal injury attorney or accident lawyer to represent you and help you obtain justice, turn to Schwartz Roller LLP. We have primary and affiliated offices throughout the state of Florida, as well as across the nation.